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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

You Ask Doctor Who! But, Who’s The Doctor’s Wife?

And while you sit there munching your popcorn, the Doctor scavenges for the Time Lord. He never thought there could be one, but with information reaching up to him, he will stop at nothing to find the Time Lord.

Doctor Who season 6 episode 4 download will prohibit all the possibilities of boredom hitting you because ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ will be entertaining you to the limit. That’s the name of the episode, by the way!

A message unit has informed the Doctor of the possibility of the existence of a Time Lord, which the Doctor never thought there could be one. He would be of great help to the Doctor.

Meanwhile, he also meets Idris, whose welcome is extremely unusual and different compared to those of Uncle, Auntie and Nephew. But he is not out there to receive warm welcome; his mission is to find another Time Lord.

And it’s undoubtedly true that it won’t be without some problem. Some do occur, in the face of threat to his friends. If someone accompanies the Doctor, he or she has to be aware of the impending danger. It’s unavoidable!

Doctor Who is proving to be thoroughly entertaining and with season covering too many story arcs, it won’t be late that we start anticipating where each one of them is headed towards.


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